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About us

Elkoplast has been a producer and processor of medical cannabis in the Czech Republic since 2015. We grow medicinal cannabis of the highest quality and our production is subject to strict quality control. We are able to supply and pack hemp according to the customer’s needs and we also offer the possibility of cooperation.

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Company timeline

Years on experiences
Unique number of patients with dispensing of Medicinal Cannabis in Czech republic (2020)
Number or prescribing doctors in Czech republic
  • 1. 4. 2013

    Legalisation Law in Czech republic

    In the Czech Republic, the Act on the Legalization of the Use of Medical Cannabis for Treatment and Research enters into force. The Czech Republic is becoming one of the first countries with valid legislation on medical cannabis.

  • 28. 5. 2014

    Medicinal Cannabis tender

    Announcement of the tender VZSAKL01 / 2014 “Supply of cannabis for medical use”.

  • 28. 8. 2014


    A meeting was held to assess the qualifications of those interested in a license to grow cannabis for medical use. Out of the total number of 16 applications for participation in the tender VZSAKL01 / 2014 “Supply of cannabis for medical use”, 4 candidates met the required qualification requirements.

  • 28. 8. 2014

    First producer in Czech republic

    Elkoplast Slušovice s.r.o.won the tender VZSAKL01 / 2014 “Supply of cannabis for medical use” and thus officially became the first producer of medical cannabis in the Czech Republic and one of the first in the world.

  • 01. 6. 2015


    Start of building our medical cannabis production facility

  • 01. 11. 2015

    First plant


    We have planted the first legal clone of a medical cannabis in the Czech Republic.

  • 02. 4. 2016

    The first delivery of Medicinal Cannabis

    The first cannabis, which comes from our production, is delivered to pharmacies in the Czech Republic.

  • 01. 1. 2020

    Insurance law

    The law came into force, which stipulates the payment of 90% of the price of cannabis issued in a pharmacy from the public health insurance up to a quantity of 30 g / month (higher quantities are subject to approval by a medical examiner). The law also stipulates the obligation for physicians to provide information on the results of Cannabis treatment to SÚKL (State Institute for Drug Control). 


Founders words

The owner of the company Ing. Ladislav Krajča is a graduate of the University of Agriculture in Brno, he comes from an agricultural family, and agriculture has been his hobby since his youth. After 1989, he started as an independent private farmer and had previously worked in an agricultural cooperative since graduating from school. He always liked medicinal plants and also grew them himself and supplied them to the LEROS Strážnice company. He managed about 50 ha of land from the region, of course at that time without subsidies …

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